About SwissToken

It is registered in Switzerland’s “Crypto Valley”.
Its purpose is to provide comprehensive services related to the issuing of tokens, including the issuance of own such tokens.

Years of financial experience

Our mission?

We see the current financial systems of the world plagued by poor monetary policies, corruption, and inflation – just to name a few of the problems are quietly hurting the unsuspecting.

To solve this global phenomenon, cryptocurrencies, particularly stablecoins, promised decentralization, transparency, and ease of use, but they too have failed to accomplish what they’ve set to do.

As a borderless, decentralized, and meritocratically governed cryptocurrency, TCHF’s mission is to serve as an alternative form of money for all the people of the world. SwissToken is the next evolution of stablecoin

TCHF is the evolution of money.

SwissToken Process

What's in the list?


SwissToken market capitalization wants to reach $ 1 million in 2021

Follow up

According to our plans, SwissToken can achieve annual gross profits of more than $ 2 millions by 2022.


Investors and individuals involved in SwissToken’s business model can continue to benefit from the development prospects for SwissToken.

Our Greatest Minds

SwissToken employs a team of highly talented people who are passionate
about creating financial products and services that will lead the finance world.
Mariétou Samb
Head Client Services
Cezar Souza
Head Corporate Developer & Strategy
Patrícia Dinis
Head Finance
Mohamed Ghachi
André Garcia
Head Designer
Emerson Herzeg
IT System Enginner
Tiago Costa
Software Enginner